More than just a box of treats, we’re dedicated to what we believe in

We are on a mission to prove that choosing vegan and gluten-free treats doesn’t mean compromising on taste or enjoyment.


Our Mission

Choosing Vegan and Gluten-Free options isn’t merely a choice for some people, it’s a necessary way of life. We believe that you don’t need to compromise on the excitement, convenience or taste of snacks while retaining that way of life, which is why we developed TreatKind.

Our team are snack evangelists, be they midnight savoury treats, morning fruit munches or after-dinner sweets and chocolate. We also love a good surprise, so we thought, why not put together a box of these surprise treats for people every single month. But we didn’t just want to stop there, we wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy them, which is why all our products are completely vegan, and gluten free.

I love being part of a club, and being vegan this box is definitely for me <3
— Sarah Nash, Subscriber

Why Join?

Wondering why people love subscribing? Check out our blog post on all the benefits.


We’re a small British company based in the East Midlands of England. Surrounded by lush green fields, quaint villages and farms galore, it’s a beautiful, quiet, and unchanging area . Not the place you’d expect a modern thriving subscription box company to form, but that’s what makes us stand out.

There’s a passionate local community which love our boxes, and we’re getting more and more members from all across the country and various walks of life.

We love finding other independent British businesses, so we try and choose those where possible for our boxes.