How To Go Vegan In 2019

2019 is the year of Veganism. Charity Veganuary announced that 250,000 people tried vegan with Veganuary this year, making it the most popular campaign since the charity was launched in 2014.

Furthermore, Veganism is going mainstream, with the likes of Subway, McDonalds and Greggs all trialing vegan options, many to great success.

So here’s your guide to joining the Vegan revolution in 2019.

Learn The Reasons


There are many reasons why people go Vegan, be it for health, the environment or to help animals and there is so much information around for the reasons, yet it can sometimes be a hard read. For example there’s evidence that millions of male chickens are killed on the day of birth as they are no use.

Understanding the industry helps maintain a Vegan lifestyle long term.

Try Animal Alternatives

Despite the myths, it’s not the case that a Vegan has to carry round a meagre salad for the day, craving out for protein and sugar. Quite the opposite. There are now numerous brands selling every type of your favourite foods in Vegan options, be they Candy sweets made without gelatine, pulled ‘pork’ made from jackfruit or non-dairy chocolate.

DSC09755 (1).jpg

We recommend signing up to a subscription of TreatKind so you can try a selection of new products every month.

It’s really important that you go Vegan at your own pace, so you can maintain it for the long term, rather than trying to make the switch overnight and ending due to frustration after a week.

Join The Conversation

Twitter is the place to hear about what’s going on in the world of Veganism. Just recently hostages such as #Veganuary and #Februdairy have trended at the top in many countries. (We’re also on Twitter)

The Vegan Society is another good source of information, helping you make more informed choices, and offering opportunities to get involved.


Should I Get A Subscription Box?

Already many people are seeing the excitement of subscription boxes. Royal Mail has forecast the subscription box market to hit £1 billion by 2022, compared to a just £583 million estimated spend in 2017.

A survey of 2,000 UK shoppers last year revealed that over 25% are subscribed to at least one box, with that figure rapidly growing every day.

So, what are the reasons? Well here’s a few:



It’s 2019, we’re all busier than ever before. No longer is there time to hunt down for new and interesting things.

Maybe you work long days or are a full time parent and don’t have time to make snacks, instead you can dive into your monthly box.

Plus with delivery to your door, you can get on with life and let companies like TreatKind get on with finding you your snacks.

Fun #TreatYoSelf


It’s always exciting to get a present, especially when you know that it’s going to be a box of things you’re really passionate and excited about.

New Horizons

The biggest benefit many see for subscription boxes is that you get to find out about new products that you wouldn’t necessary find in a supermarket, or think to spot as you’re doing your daily shop. Many of the products, especially those in the TreatKind boxes are from smaller companies that stock their products in independent retailers.

An Exclusive Community


Some say community has been lost since the degradation of the high street, however that’s not really the case. Instead the community has moved to online and more specific groups that people are interested in. By signing up to a subscription box, you’re also joining an exclusive community where you can interact and get involved with other like-minded people.

So, now you know the benefits, let’s get you signed up to TreatKind!


What Is The Difference Between Organic & Free Range Eggs?

One of the many questions people have about farming is the eggs. There’s organic and free range. Are they the same thing? Is one better than the other? Here we take a look at the differences, based on the UK definitions.

Firstly, it should be said that Vegans don’t eat eggs at all. They are the product of animals and therefore are not consumed. Most Vegetarians, however, do eat eggs - therefore it’s important to know the difference.


Shockingly, the UK consumes nearly 13 billion eggs a year. About 50% of these are free range, and just 2% are organic. The rest come from cages and a small few in barns.

  • Flock sizes are smaller for Organic chickens, at a maximum of 2,000 birds per sq/m vs 16,000 in free range farms.

  • Organic Chickens actually ‘range free’. There are more exit holes on the hen houses for organic chickens, meaning they can explore more often.

  • The diet of Organic chickens is non GM, whereas free range chickens can eat Genetically Modified foods.

  • Beak trimming. You’ve probably heard of the pecking order. Well that comes from chickens who fight for dominance by pecking each other. It’s a natural thing, but what’s unnatural is keeping the hens packed tightly in cages where they can’t escape. That’s why the more open nature of organic is better, and they can therefore do less or even no beak trimming. Whereas for free-range and caged hens, their beaks are mutilated.


To summarise, for Vegans, eating eggs is always wrong. For Vegetarians, it’s important to know that there are wild differences between free-range and organic chickens, no matter what the picture on the box may lead you to believe.

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