The growing popularity of vegan subscription boxes in the UK

Vegan subscription boxes have really taken off in the last couple of years or so as more people are becoming vegan. Across the UK, people are signing up to receive a monthly package that contains a curated selection of vegan products like Lincolnshire based startup, Treatkind’s vegan snacks subscription box.

As more and more people are becoming vegan, no doubt the demand for vegan subscription boxes will continue to grow and even more exciting vegan products will be produced!

The growing rise of veganism in the UK

 According to the Vegan Society there were 600,000 vegans in the UK in 2018, compared to just 276,000 in 2016, thus showing that there has been a 117 per cent rise in veganism in Great Britain in the past two years.

And, according to the Mindful Chef, the top UK cities for vegans are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Brighton.

Why are subscription boxes so popular?

The UK subscription box market is forecast to grow by 72 per cent by 2022, according to a report commissioned by Royal Mail. 

Currently, over a quarter (27.4%) of UK consumers are signed up to a subscription box service, either personally or on behalf of somebody else. And, British consumers are spending on average over £2 billion a year on monthly subscription boxes.

New research from Whistl has revealed there are several reasons behind people opting in to such services including:

  • value for money (60%)

  • convenience (45%)

  • novelty of receiving items through the post (20%)

Since the dawn of the internet, subscription box startups have seen a massive surge in popularity. The subscription business model is hugely successful, and consumers are spoilt for choice. There are subscription boxes for everything from craft beer to Japanese candy subscription boxes!

This popular trend appears here to stay and offers a fresh and fun approach to traditional retail. You can buy subscription boxes online in just a few clicks and they are delivered straight to your door. There’s something magical about receiving a package through the post every month and as well as treating yourself, they make great gifts!

Thinking of setting up a subscription business?

There is so much competition in the subscription box marketplace that businesses need to think outside the box to stand out from the crowd.  Customers need to feel excited and one way of doing this is to offer a subscription box where some or all the items in the box are a surprise. The classic freebie is also a winner and goes down well, as do discounts.

Some subscription box businesses have been so successful they have now branched out to having an online shop and selling some of their products in major supermarkets like Sainsburys.

Subscription box models are a great way for small companies to test the marketplace or an innovative way to reach new customers and increase sales.

Exciting times ahead for vegan subscription boxes

There are an amazing range of vegan products available in the UK and the future looks bright for vegan subscription box companies.

Don’t forget to treat yourself (see what I did there?!) to Treatkind’s monthly vegan subscription box packed with delicious, cruelty free vegan goodies plus it makes a great gift for vegan friends and family!